Tempohousing UK & Ireland are an off-site business. We specialise in the supply and design management of high quality, rapidly built, volumetric modular buildings in the UK and Ireland. These are used for student accommodation, as hotels, and for both private and social housing.

We deliver developments quickly and on time, providing expert solutions on projects in need of an immediate response.

Tempohousing are big advocates of looking after the environment and all our modular buildings are eco-friendly producing up to 90% less waste.


  • 3D volumetric design manufactured off-site in a factory, then shipped to site once complete
  • Parallel Processing – simultaneously working on site and off site achieves significant project savings and speeds up the process
  • Modular is built using a different process from traditional but complies with the same codes, standards and regulations
  • Modules arrive on-site up to 90% complete with minimal work required to bolt them together
  • With the highest fire ratings (class A) and load bearing capacities, safety and security is engineered into our modular units
  • Tempohousing’s in-house architects can help clients use modular buildings for more than one purpose and they can be designed accordingly