Inspired by the Great Exhibition of 1851, the Bristol Housing Festival took place from the 19th October until the 4th November and coincided with the Global Parliament of Mayors. More than 6,000 people visited Bristol Housing Festival’s launch exhibition, the first event for the five-year regeneration festival.

The site was open to the public everyday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday. In addition, for five consecutive evenings there were talks discussing all issues relating to housing such as co-living models celebrating interdependence over independence and off-site manufacturing and community engagement.

One of the speakers on co-living, Oona Goldsworthy, chief executive of United Communities, a community-based housing association, said: “The housing festival’s exhibition event helped me to see and feel what could be done. It inspired United Communities to start meaningful conversations with at least two of the exhibitors about real projects on the ground. Watch this space.”

The Housing Festival was Tempohousing’s debut for our latest showroom. Our showroom measuring (3.5 W x 7.6 L) was extremely well received by all who came to visit us. It even earned the nickname “The Tardis” due to the creative utilisation of space and vast amount of storage for a unit of its size. Our “Tardis” also boasts tall ceilings throughout and two considerably large windows in the living room and the bedroom. Although our pictures look great, they really don’t do our showroom any justice, it’s definitely best to see it in the flesh.

We had a diverse mix of visitors come through our doors such as councils, housing associations, property developers and the general public. Each and everyone had something positive to say. The most popular comments were “what a great use of space”, “love the bathroom and the fact it has a large shower and storage on the walls”, “the windows are beautiful, what a great view”, “it looks so much bigger inside than outside and the tall ceilings really open up the place” and “it’s lovely and warm in here”. Regarding the last comment about the heat, our showroom only has 2 radiators, one in the living room and a slimline model for the bathroom. The unit is so well insulated it holds onto the heat extremely well.

In addition to our showroom, visitors were also very impressed with our past projects, in particular, our Utrecht project consisting of 510 units which took only 6 months to complete from start to finish.

The housing festival opened up discussions on how Tempohousing could help with emergency housing and student accommodation which is urgently needed in both the UK and Ireland. It is key to have affordable accommodation provided that meets the growing demand and the crisis in the housing sector.

Our next trip will be to Dublin City University in November. Please get in touch if you would like more details.