Professor 30

A module based on a 40 ft ISO shipping container. Shipping containers (2.4 wide x 12 meter long) are ideal to convert into comfortable homes. Easy to transport anywhere, sturdy, can be stacked high and it is no doubt the most sustainable way to build homes. With a surface of about 30 m2 , this container home is very suitable for student housing, staff accommodation, hotel rooms, urgency shelters.

Worldwide availability.


Professor 30 specifications

  • Based on ISO shipping containers, complete steel structure
  • Can be stacked up to 7 layers
  • Easy to transport by ship and truck and possibility to relocate
  • Arrives fully pre-assembled: A “plug-and-play” product Including bathroom, kitchen, electricity, door, windows, heating, vinyl flooring and ventilation (different floor layouts possible)
  • External facade possible but not necessary
  • Also available with staircases, balconies and walkways

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