Faroe Islands, Hotel

Tempohousing Denmark has initiated, designed and built a hotel based based on shipping container size hotel rooms. Two sizes were used in this project: 8 wide, 40 ft long and 9’6″ high and also 11 ft wide, 40 ft long and 9’6″ high. The last size is a specially developed by Tempohousing XL container size but transported to Denmark on a regular container vessel. This project was built in 12 weeks (per phase) and the first phase (42 rooms in 2 floors) was completed in December 2017. The second phase (54 rooms in 3 floors) will be ready for the guests in December 2018. In this project an extra facade of wooden panels in black color was added to improve energy performance and for architectural purposes.

Project information: Hotel

Number of modules: 22 single (phase 1)
Planned for phase 2: 44