Harbour Office, St Eustatius

Following the good experience of working with Tempohousing on a school project, the Island counsel contacted Tempohousing to provide the local harbour with a new office building on the Isle of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean. To save shipping costs, the entire building was shipped as flat packed modules of 15 m2 each. The whole building could be shipped in 2 x 40 ft shipping container, including all additional items of the sanitary rooms, the furniture and other parts to complete the building. Flat pack units are ideal for construction projects in remote areas like small islands, to which shipping costs tend to be expensive. Six flat pack modules create after assembly a space of 90 m2 or 270 m3, while the shipped volume is only 90 m3. Especially for larger projects, this volume reduction means a significant saving in shipping cost. One module can be assembled with a trained crew of 2 in about 4 hours.