Labour Hotel, Diemen

Temporary workers are increasingly required by employers across all industries. They are needed particularly where there is a shortage of labour. Due to the high cost of available housing in many urban areas, many employers are finding it ever more difficult to recruit suitable staff. This is becoming especially problematic in construction, leading to significant costs and delays in delivering both infrasturure and major build projects.

The Labour Hotel is Tempohousing’s initiative that meets the needs of accommodating a large number of temporary workers in a single location for a short period of time.

Our project in Diemen near Amsterdam is a building on 5 levels and consists of 25 module units. Each unit has three bedrooms together with a dining area, kitchen and bathroom. The accommodation has a total bedspace capacity for 130 workers.

For the façade of this hotel, Tempohousing installed insulated sandwich panels, giving a different visual appearance as well as offering better insulation. Although the project was built to be in use for only 5 years, the local owner decided to retain the structure for continued use.

Tenants are very happy with accommodation – the hotel was fully rented from day one.