Servotel Haiti

Shortly after the deadly earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, Tempohousing were contacted by a private hotel owner on the island. They needed to quickly build a 4-star hotel close to the airport in Port – au – Prince, Haiti’s capital.  All hotels were destroyed during the earthquake.

The new hotel was intended to house many international visitors, mainly NGO’s and support staff who came to the island after the tragedy to assist in Haiti’s recovery. Tempohousing designed all rooms to European building standards. 45ft shipping containers were transported separately and connected on site. The well-engineered insultation of the façade and windows made it possible for all residents to enjoy the hotel’s comforts without the disturbance of air traffic noise.

The hotel also includes a pool, lounge area, offices, a gym, restaurant and large meeting rooms.

This was a particularly challenging construction as due to the circumstances at the time directly following the earthquake, there were no local resources for building materials or tools. Everything necessary for the build had to be shipped direct to Haiti.

Check about guests opinions on this hotel. See also that no one mentions shipping containers … because nobody knows.

Remarkable: Build in a period of disaster (earthquake) with fully finished prefabricated steel modules.

Extra challenge: to construct in a country in chaos with no resources for building materials and tools. Everything necessary on site had to be shipped to Haiti.

Number of modules: 72

Construction time: summer 2010-2011