Sion Student Housing


SmallVille is a great “American campus” type of residence designed for students. Smallville offers its residents a quiet and comfortable student environment. For the fun side, the residence is internationally based, with all cultures mixing together. Swiss and foreign students can share their cultures and share their knowledge to enrich their studies.

SmallVille is known as a revolutionary response to the lack of creative housing for students in Switzerland and it is also an economic and ecological answer in a unique community setting. The project offers three types of furnished housing: the bedroom, the studio, the flat share.

These homes are designed for student housing for permanent use. The modules were constructed from a steel structure with a cellular concrete floor combined.

The modular units were produced in the Netherlands and were transported by truck to Sion, a city in the province of Valais (southern part of Switzerland).

For this project we used 3 meter wide units in several lengths (maximum 14 meters) providing the optimal configuration for different types of apartments creating a dynamic range of living options for the students in Sion.

These homes are newly developed, measure 3 x 10 (up to 3.5 x 14) meters and comply with all the European building regulations.

Amenities at Sion include a cafe/ restaurant, gym and pool, laundry facilities and a communal kitchen.

Phase 2 will begin in September 2018 and is due to be finished by December 2018.