Skaeve Huse

Skaeve Huse is a Danish expression which means “special houses for special people”.

This project was set up to house tenants whose needs were not being met by the regular housing system within Denmark.

In 2006, Amsterdam adopted the Danish approach by creating a pilot scheme in its harbour area. The project consists of a number of 28m2 houses built by Tempohousing. It offers accommodation to a small number of residents with support needs. Special architecture was applied to give the prefab homes an image of permanent dwellings.

The approach turned out to be very successful and more projects similar to these have been built across Holland since this first Tempohousing scheme in Amsterdam. The houses on the initial site have been relocated three times since they were first placed in 2006.

This type of building (container homes) has proved to be very suitable for this type of housing: basic but comfortable and easy and economic to quickly relocate.