Student Housing, Diemen

The town of Diemen borders Amsterdam to the east and much like its bigger neighbour it also suffers from a lack of student accommodation.

This project consists of 250 student homes, over five floors, not built in rows as in the Keetwonen project, but in a square arrangement with a courtyard setting. Each home is equipped with its own bathroom, kitchen and balcony and all units are heated through a centrally based natural gas powered heating system.

The construction time took about 5 months. Originally planned to be in use as a temporary solution for only 5 years (and relocate afterwards to a new location) it was earmarked as a permanent structure in 2013.

This project also has concrete walkways as a specific feature, as an alternative to wooden or steel frame walkways.  Although slightly more expensive, concrete walkways enable a shorter build time (less parts and connections) together with a higher fire rating. Square building designs are also ideal when using used containers, because of the additional structural integrity the design provides.

The finished development comprises 252 shipping containers. These are 250 homes and 2 equipment containers to house the central heating system and mains power switch board.

Project information: Student housing

Number of modules: 252 (250 homes and 2 equipment containers for the central heating system (natural gas powered) and the main power switch board).

Area: 7560 m2