Tempohousings latest project is in Eriksvej, Denmark. 48 homes each with their own balcony or terrace, developed in two three storey blocks.

The apartments are made using lightweight modules and designed in an exclusive and exciting style with a façade made from fibre concrete. Each block has an elevator for residents’ comfort.

Unit area: 37m2

Plot: 3,626 m²

Total floor space: 2,300 m²

Of which:

Admission area: 304 m²

Technology: 14 m²

Communal house: 72 m²

In addition:

Depot / outhouse: 62 m²

Covered by common house: 49 m²

Covered balconies

+ common living areas: 374 m²

Number of homes: 48

Bicycle parking: 115

Parking spaces: 17