Utrecht “Place2BU” Project

Utrecht is a city in central Netherlands and is home to Utrecht University which is one of Europe’s leading research colleges of learning. There is a big need for student housing in Utrecht and Tempohousing were more than happy to meet with this demand.

In January 2017 we started work on the Place2BU project for students and young professionals in Utrecht. This was a design of four blocks built in a courtyard setting, producing 510 units. Each block includes a lift and common room on each floor. The scheme also has an on-site cafe and launderette. Each individual unit at Place2BU is equipped with it’s own kitchen and bathroom.

Construction time took only 6 months, with the project completing in July 2017. Stacking of units alone took only 5 weeks.

Tempohousing provided project management and supervision for the whole project.

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